certain VICTORY

Our Story

Designed by a Japanese and produced by Italians, Certain Victory is a contemporary mens shoe label integrating luxurious Italian leather with a Japanese approach to detail.

Stand Out. Succeed. Certain Victory

Life’s a battle to stand out - whether personally or professionally. Your look, how you come across, is a big part of that. Footwear sets the tone for a whole outfit. It’s a statement about who you are. For men who want to stand out and succeed… there’s certain Victory.

What defines certain Victory shoes? It’s professionalism plus individuality. Style, character, innovation, focus, reliability, comfort and fit - all projecting a calm, understated competence. This is what it takes to win in today’s fast-changing world.

Some fashions come and go with the season. But with maturity, we become clearer about who we are. Our style becomes more grounded, more timeless, more focused on essentials. We value finer things that are built to last. And there’s little in this world that’s finer than a well-made pair of shoes. certain Victory shoes are superbly hand-crafted in small runs, from the best leathers and materials, so as to keep up with today’s busy lifestyles. The rich colors, finishes and suppleness of certain Victory shoe leathers make a distinctive statement about who you are.

This idea of focusing on the essentials, or minimalism, is also at the core of Japanese design. The name “certain Victory” comes from the Japanese word “hissho”, pronounced “”hish - oh”. Once, you would have seen it on Samurai going out to do battle in the world, a sign of their self-assurance. Now, we look for clothes and footwear that project our identity, and convey that sense of confidence.

No less than the shoes themselves, certain Victory’s marketing and pricing are honed to the essentials - getting our customers the best value out there in premium men’s footwear.  By focusing on e-commerce and fashion blogs as the main way we reach customers, certain Victory is able to sell shoes at direct-to-the-consumer prices.

it's about being yourself while being smart, being distinctive, being comfortable. We make shoes that you can adopt and inhabit. Shoes that fits in to your life style.