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Hydrogen-1 shoes are made the old-fashioned way: from cutting and closing the uppers, to lasting, making and finishing entirely in our Italian factory. Our extremely high quality leathers, for both the outside and classic lining leathers inside, come from the best tanneries. But it’s the comfort that really makes our shoes stand out. Some other shoemakers give their shoes a tapered narrow look which looks great with slim cut suits. But let’s face it - most men don’t have narrow feet. So we make our shoes with a more natural foot shape, while keeping a classic look to fit current work clothing trends. In both our sneaker and classic lines, the soles we use are also key to making our shoes super-comfortable. Lightweight rubber soles provide great cushioning for the entire foot. And the heel-less, wedge-cut sole makes for solid footing and grip in any weather.


What makes Hydrogen-1 leather sneakers unique is how they are deliberately designed to fit in the work environment. Ours are sneakers you can wear with a suit and look good. How do we do this? First, the design is streamlined and tapered around the toe and heel area. Next is the very high quality leather we use, giving the shoes a natural leather sheen rather than a cheap rubbery look. Our color choice of more natural hues also work well with suits, and their typically understated grays and blues. Hydrogen-1 shoes are minimalist: no logos or ostentatious stitching. And lastly, our removable insoles let you substitute your favorite brand for even greater, wear-all-day comfort.


With the high quality of leather and manufacturing done in Italy, shoes like Hydrogen-1 would normally retail for $500 and up. Some of our competitors even have shoes in the $1,000 range. But Hydrogen-1 shoes are an affordable luxury, sold at a direct-to-consumer price. As a pure ecommerce business, we avoid retail markups and the overhead expense of running a brick and mortar store - and pass on the savings to you.