certain VICTORY

certain VICTORY

Hydrogen-1 is changing to certain VICTORY

It is with considerable excitement that I’m writing to tell you about a big change. Our brand name is changing from Hydrogen-1 to Certain Victory. Although the trigger for this change was a trademark dispute, the new name lines up with our brand image and direction.

Where did the name come from? The idea of focusing on the essentials, or minimalism, is also at the core of Japanese design. The name “Certain Victory” comes from the Japanese word “hissho”, pronounced “”hish - oh”. Once, you would have seen it on Samurai going out to do battle in the world, a sign of their self-assurance. Now, we look for clothes and footwear that project our identity and convey that sense of confidence.

What defines Certain Victory shoes? It’s professionalism plus individuality. Style, character, innovation, focus, reliability, comfort and fit - all projecting a calm, understated competence. This is what it takes to win in today’s fast-changing world.

The trend towards business casual is in full swing. Recently Wall Street Journal wrote an article about how even the big banks are embracing that trend. From the very beginning we have seen this trend coming. With you, our customers, we aim to continue staying ahead of the game. So what’s new this Fall? We will be taking our classic shoes with sneaker comfort to the next level - luxurious leathers with subtle tone variations that give the shoes a vintage look. While many minimalist sneakers are going the direction of sporty, ours will be more classic. Our new leather, normally used for traditional classic shoes, will develop a patina as you wear them and will be a great investment. Click below to check out and shop our new Fall line. As always we only produce a limited quantity in each style and size so pre-order yours now. Order before

October 31st and use discount code “PREORDER” to get 20% off any style from the new collection. Delivery is expected end of November (we will try our best to get it to you sooner).