certain VICTORY

The Metro Man : Global Style

Have you ever stopped for a moment and asked yourself where did my clothing come from? Yes, it obviously came from a store or delivered to your home by the UPS man, but I'm clearly referring to the brand's origin. Before it was merchandized neatly on a rack or display it battled wars and probably sailed the seas before it got to where it should be. First let's begin with the dominating country in this outfit, ITALY. I'm wearing one of my favorite my favorite item I purchased this season. This color block neoprene sweatshirt designed by one of my personal favorite designers, Neil Barrett. This bad boy was on my wish list from the moment I saw it walking down the runway (although in a different color way) and also featured as myWednesday's Want. Neoprene can be a tricky material, but thanks to Barrett's Italian tailoring approach-- it works. You can get the one I'm wearing above, right here, or the one that caught my heart right off the runway, right here. More from Italy includes a black leather strap watch by Brera Orologi and a pair of impeccable hi-top sneakers by Hydrogen-1, who are based on the West Coast. Under my sweatshirt you will find an oxford shirt by Saturdays Surf NYC, and over it a wool blazer from Swedish multinational retail chain store, H&M(Mauritz Archive collection).