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How to pack for a weekend trip to the country?

One of the privileges of living in the city is the appreciation you have for the occasional visit to the country.  It is your right, as a city dweller, to get fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city with its constant noise and crowded streets a few times per years.  Sometimes, you just have to get out.  You see it every weekend, cars heading out of town on their way to country time activities and adventures. To ensure your enjoy your time in the country, you must pack the right clothes.  The key to packing for the country is making sure you have a versatile and durable wardrobe that can get dirty, if necessary.

I am declaring denim as the country weekend wardrobe staple.  If you are new to the versatility of denim or haven’t bought a new pair of jeans since high school, check them out.  They come in many colors and styles these days and all styles work for a weekend in the country.  The thing about denim is no matter if you go high quality or low maintenance, the fabric is innately durable.  Even if you spent a few $100.00 on your jeans, you can still get them dirty and they will continue to hold their shape. 

After you’ve selected a couple pairs of jeans, look for shirts, a casual one and a dressy one you can pair with the jeans.  Cotton t-shirts are a must, but make sure you get one that fits well.  The button down shirt can be a little tricky.  It’s not the time to break out one of your button downs you would normal pair with your suits. There is a reason why these shirts are worn under a jacket.  You need to acquire a button down shirt that can stand on its own.  No suit jackets needed in the country.

Now, you don’t need direction in packing under wear and socks. You can handle that on your own, but you do need to consider why type of shoes will take you on your weekend country adventure.

As men, it’s not like we are going to think about what you need on your feet, thankfully, Hydrogen-1 shoes are available in several styles and colors.  Like the jeans, find a pair you can wear day or night.  The Hydrogen-1 Brown Brogue Sneaker made of premium Italian Leather can easily be worn on a hike in the woods or out to dinner at the local country bar.

A weekend in the country will be enjoyable as long as you’re wardrobe, including your shoes, aren't holding you back from the adventures to come.