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How to Look Cool While You Interview at a Startup

You've been finishing school, slouching out to classes in a pair of old jeans and that hoodie you've had since your high school girlfriend. But the real world awaits! You're ready to take on the world, but first you've got to find a sleeker look to impress the potential new boss. Here's how to knock it out of the park when you land that plum interview at the cool start-up.

Get Tailored, Sure, you've probably got a few suits and shirts in your closet. But if they're off the rack, right now you're only approximating a good fit. Bespoke clothes would be great, but made-to-order is impossible on most budgets. But you don't have to spend a million to look like you stepped right off of Saville Row. Find a good neighborhood tailor There are lots of neighborhood shops that do great work at great prices, and will have your shirts and suits fitting you like a glove in no time. Bonus - you'll be the cool guy who has a good tailor to recommend to your buddies.

Get Cleaned and Pressed, All the tailoring in the world isn't going to do you any good if you walk into an interview with ketchup on your collar. Make sure all of your interview clothes are dry cleaned and pressed before the big day. Have a lint roller and stain stick handy on the day of, just in case your girlfriend smudges some good luck lipstick on you on your way out the door.

Get Shorn, Startups are notoriously laid back, but no one wants to work with a yeti. Whatever your hairstyle is, make sure you are in your very neatest hair incarnation. And treat yourself to a real old fashioned hot shave if you can. The manly air of a real old-tyme barbershop will surround you in a cloud of courage.

Get Shoes, You might think you're set. But if the interviewer looks down and sees a beat up pair of Chucks under your nicely tailored suit cuffs, you're sunk. Make sure you are looking good from head to toe with a pair of shoes to match your look. The Nitrogen Mid Cut Dress sneakers are a great choice - classic style mixed with just the right casual edge. These shoes will tell your new boss you've got skills to match your style. And they'll look great walking in for that first day on the job too.