certain VICTORY

Man your baggage

Baggage… it’s that one piece that can make or break your street style. Gone are the days that we use our carry-on as an excuse to lose style points as we make our way through the streets. Any given day, you’ll see an endless amount of silhouettes when it comes to our baggage: Backpacks, duffles, messengers, rucksacks, and briefcases, the options are limitless. Even when it comes to materials we see a multitude of style compliments including leather, canvas, waxed-canvas, and nylon... All which come in different shades and hues of course. Our advice: Invest wisely and carry often.

The bag of choice for most seems to be the backpack. It’s a classic staple since grade school so naturally it’s the one most guys are most comfortable sporting. Not only for posture purposes any longer though. Designers and brands are giving just as much attention to aesthetics of the design as they do the functionality. Leathers, prints, and waxed canvas [which only look better with age, by the way] are making their way into our accessories and giving us men a major style upgrade.

Ready to make a jump into the less common areas of baggage? Go for a rucksack! Dubbed [by me] the reformed backpack, the rucksack is the modernized backpack for the more fashion savvy and experimental. Instead of a basic zip that rounds the top of your bag, the rucksack is more of a rolled-closure with buckle design. It’s the perfect evolution that was more commonly used for rugged, camping settings which have now trickled its’ way into the scene thanks to some pretty big names in fashion.

No matter the design you choose to exhibit, our bags are helping define our style. Yes, it still needs to function as a type of storage for things such as gym clothes, to computers, to shopping excursion but remember we have to pay more attention to the little things to really improve our style. Don’t be scared to drop some dough on a bag. Just make sure it’s worth your style and remember to carry it often!

Written and Photographed by Saul Carrasco of Trend Styled