certain VICTORY

The go to blue blazer

A blue blazer – the universal sign for classic style – has come a long way within menswear. Be it a hue of navy, serilium, or cobalt, solid or patterned, the blue blazer is probably the most iconic staple in menswear. No matter the season or occasion, a go-to for many men is a perfectly tailored blue blazer. It can easily be worked into any style and if you don’t already know, should be in your rotation of wearable basics right now!

In many cities, we see the streets filled with a sea of navy blazers styled in various forms of dapper casual and business attire. Dressed up with a buttoned-up shirt with tie and brogues or dressed down with solid leather sneakers and our favorite ultra-soft tee, we men are creating a versatile use of our investments. The combinations of style including a blue blazer are endless and many men are creating multiple weekly looks, all distinct in their own capacity, with one blue blazer… And really, this is a good definition of how men see fashion.

Not many of us men want to invest in overly flashy or detailed garments, but we do vie for quality goods. So why continue to invest in many mediocre pieces when you can find one great style and wear it out until the threads begin to untwine?! Something as solid as a blazer should be worn on the weekly all depending on how much we want to invest. So our suggestion: Invest wisely, wear often, and get creative when getting into your blue blazer.