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How to do white after Labor Day

Labor Day, AKA the official end to summer and no longer the most controversial style rule of all time

When it comes to rules of style, men are no longer looking to the books for reassurance when finding their voice in fashion. Men are more than willing to find their own personal style by way of trials and tribulations so when it comes to breaking the rules and going against the grain, it comes like second nature. Labor Day used to be the last call for allowing our best ‘all-whites’ looks but now, we’ve learned to leave that rule in the past and focus on a more important meaning to the holiday… the dreaded official end to summer.

While summer might be on it’s way out, wearing white after Labor Day isn’t following the season’s lead. Men are seen on the streets of New York City sporting the creamy hue in support of personal style, not style precept. And really, this is the new definition of fashion for both men and women no matter the city. Men, there is no longer need for hesitation when layering on your white tee and denim combos post warm-weather seasons… yes, we’re all taking a second glance as you walk by but only in acclamation and appreciation for reminding us to dress for the occasion and not to repress our hues because of others winter blues.

No, we’re not suggesting you wear your whitest whites, but there are simple way to tone down the contrast to the season and still wear the tones more prevalent during summer months. Break up bright whites with more fall / winter appropriate colors like olives, tans, and heavy chambrays. Be it in your accessories like hats and backpacks or even in smaller pieces like shades and timepiece, mixing in some neutrals will help create a weather appropriate look all while keeping to your own personal style rules.

From the master Saul Carrasco Trend Styled