certain VICTORY

Andrew Gursky

Chicago, Board of Trade II (1999)

German visual artist Andreas Gursky is often recognized for his enormous architecture and landscape color photographs, often using an aerial vantage point, frequently identifying systematized aspects of culture. Prior to the 1990s, Gursky did not produce his works on a digital platform, though now openly discusses his dependence on computers to edit and enhance his pictures, as well as for the purpose of increasing the apparent scope of his subject in terms of size. .Critic Calvin Tomkins described the experience of confronting one of Gursky's large scale prints, "The first time I saw photographs by Andreas Gursky... I had the disorienting sensation that something was happening—happening to me, I suppose, although it felt more generalized than that. 

Kuwait Stock Exchange, 2000

Kamiokande, 2007

Gursky's huge, panoramic color prints—some of them up to six feet high by ten feet long—had the presence, the formal power, and in several cases the majestic aura of nineteenth-century landscape paintings, without losing any of their meticulously detailed immediacy as photographs.

Pyongyang, 2007

Madonna 1, 2011