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Mr. Eche Martinez

As a fashion designer its always interesting to see what other designers are doing. Our latest customer feature is interior designer Eche Martinez. Argentina born and raised, Eche is a Bay Area design talent to keep an eye out for.  Check out this SF Chronicle link about him, among other local designers. His background combines architecture and luxury branding - a little like mine from the hotel business - bringing a sophisticated classical approach to design infused with a dose of the bold and theatrical. I met Eche at, of all places, an architecture/design award event. I immediately thought he had great style, epitomizing timeless elegance with modern flair, just like Hydrogen-1. So, it was no great surprise that Eche liked us back. And here he is wearing Black Derby shoes from our new Fall Winter collection.

Give us a quick over view about your self, Where you work, and what you do
My name is Eche Martinez. I’m an interior designer doing both residential and commercial projects in the Bay Area. My offices are in Potrero Hill a few steps away from the SF Design Center and I live in Pacific Heights. I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and life brought me to the Bay Area. Now I cannot think of any place in the world other than San Francisco to call home. 
Describe your personal style
I like to call my style ‘consistently’ elegant. 99% percent of the times you’ll see me wearing an oxford shirt tucked-in, dark denim and slip on shoes (no shoelaces please). Every now and then I mix in a polo shirt but I’m most comfortable when wearing a heavy weight light blue or white Oxford long sleeved shirt, sleeves rolled up. 
How does your look change from work to leisure wear (if at all)?
When it’s time to head to a gallery opening or an event (and trust me there’s a lot of those going on in my industry any given week), I usually put on a nice-r sports jacket to elevate the ‘uniform’. I never ever wear cologne. Not-my-thing. 

Can you name someone whose sense of style has influenced yours? How?
I’m obsessed with Thom Browne’s point of view when it comes to mens style. 
How does design affect your daily life?
It actually goes hand in hand. I guess I’m a bit more traditional when it comes to selecting color palettes I’d wear. From a very early age I became obsessed with wearing blue and something tells that is not changing for now. As in my interiors I try to avoid patterns. To me patterns are on the irrelevant side and you can still get people’s attention without recurring to them. 
What are you currently reading?
I’m actually reading for a second time one of my favorite non-fiction books of all time: How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker. A key to understanding how we understand the world around us. 
What is your favorite holiday destination?  What is it that takes you there?
When it comes to domestic destinations nothing beats staying at The Parker hotel in Palm Springs, designed by none other than Jonathan Adler. To me that place is time travel, all the best of the 60’s and 70’s aesthetic and glamour without people smoking cigarettes everywhere. If it comes to an international destination my favorite place in the world is wine country in Argentina, the state of Mendoza. When I explain Mendoza to California natives I go “it’s like Napa but in Lake Tahoe”. You get the idea...
Can you name a website or online community where you have discovered new design ideas or inspirations?
When it comes to curated style for men nothing beats Mr Porter. Otherwise, like any other designer, I’m addicted to Pinterest. Especially I like following my graphic designer friends' boards and see what inspires them in the world of graphics, branding and packaging. 



Photography by Brian Flaherty  

Word by Hero Nakatani