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MR. Thierry Zamora

Its been almost 3 years since I launched Hydrogen-1 and since then I've realized I have so many amazing customers, senior execs at various tech companies, VC's, lawyers, fashion and design industry veterans, Wall Street and even Hollywood guys. We thought it would be cool to interview these guys and see their style sensibilities and discuss design and how it corresponds to their daily life. 

Our first feature is Mr. Thierry Zamora - I met Thierry at the very beginning, he might have even been my very first customer. He came to my house to try some shoes (Hydrogen-1 was still operating out of my basement) I thought: wow this guy has really good style.  He is exactly the kind of guy I design for. This is our conversation with Thierry.

Hero : Give us a quick over view about your self, Where you work, and what you do. 

Thierry: I work at GoPro as Head of CRM & Platform Engagement. That essentially means that I'm responsible for creating relevant marketing & relationship communications for GoPro users when they capture, create, share and watch their life's important moments.

Hero : Describe your personal style.

Thierry : Casual, sImple and classic. Less is more. I like to understand the history and heritage of a brand and know what it stands for before wearing it. I like to adapt contemporary trends to classic looks.

Hero : How does your look change from work to leisure wear (if at all)?

Thierry : I try to stay true to my style and I'm fortunate enough to work in a casual environment where there's no set uniform. My look doesn't change.

Hero: Can you name someone whose sense of style has influenced yours? How?

Thierry: There's no one in particular. I get my style influences from a variety of sources including classic, timeless looks from the 50s-60s that I update with current tendencies and trends. I'm currently very influenced by Japanese interpretation of Americana (denim, indigo, boots,...) and Italian interpretation of classic military wear.

Hero : How does design affect your daily life?

Thierry : Design is a very important aspect of my daily life. All aspects of it: esthetic, form and function. To me, form and function have to coexist through a simple narrative whether in architecture, craft, indigenous art, automotive design, furniture or interior design. All these faces of design impact and influence me in my day-to-day and in what wear.

Hero :What are you currently reading?

Thierry : I tend to read several books at once. Right now I'm reading: The Celestine Prophecy, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History and Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific.

Hero : What is your favorite holiday destination?  What is it that takes you there?

Thierry : I always love going to Japan but generally, I like to experience variety in my vacations. I tend to be attracted by some of the lesser traveled Asian destination like Myanmar, Mongolia or Laos. A simple reminder from a friend is all it takes to get me there...

Hero : Can you name a website or online community where you have discovered new design ideas or inspirations?

Thierry : For lifestyle: Hypebeast, Monocle Magazine, Lifetime Gear, Necessary Coolness, Coolist, Acquire. Flipboard is great resource for all around inspiration. 

Thierry is wearing :  

M-65 field jacket by Aspesi, Italy
Indigo patchwork western shirt by Kapital, Japan
Denim by Flying Horse, England.
Denim socks by Kapital
RG111 mid cut minimalist leather sneaker by Hydrogen-1

Photography by Brian Flaherty  

Word by Hero Nakatani