certain VICTORY

All Neutral by trendstyled.com

When I'm not rocking a monochromatic look this season, I'm most likely going neutral. I try as hard as I can to gravitate towards the natural tones during the warmer months... living in NYC, your wardrobe can easily turn to the dark side. It's all about whites, tans, and dusty colors to stay cool and be cool this summer.

For day two of New York Fashion Week: Men's, I went all neutral in an attempt to not look like a sweaty mess by midday... that attempt failed due to the humidity attack after a lunch-time shower, but I managed to pull off a great OOTD, sweat and all. These J. Crew Wheat Selvedge Jeans are some of my favorite summer-time denim and I manage to work them into my weekly looks, well, on the weekly!

Definitely a more relaxed mood this fashion week... I think everyone understands we're all just try to stay cool temperature-wise... so I rocked a great pair of comfortable, white sneakers from Hydrogen-1 and a long-sleeve, lightweight Bonobos shirt with sleeves rolled all the way up. Doesn't get more relaxed than that. You don't have to suit up every day to make an impression, especially when you're trekking around the city during one of the warmest days of the year! Make sure you continue to follow me on Instagram - @trendstyled - for more behind the scenes shots of shows and parties!