certain VICTORY

Ripped by onedapperstreet.com

When in Copenhagen, you gotta try and catch the grungy side. Frankly, it isn’t too big. They have some graffiti on their construction sites, but that’s actually kinda beautiful. But then we found this cool little underpass, perfect for the vibes I was feeling that day: ripped jeans, and a layered hoodie. The jeans are super on point, I’ve been looking all spring for the perfect pair of ripped jeans, and I just feel like the two slits on both knees are the best way to go. I’m not saying that other styles aren’t my thing, just saying that those are my fave — simple, minimal, still edgy though. 

The gray textured minimalist leather sneaker from hydrogen-1 is perfect. Its comfortable and relaxed with a clean minimalist look.  Now on sale so even better.