certain VICTORY

Taupe The Line by scoutsixteen.com

Color doesn't always have to be applied with a pop: Muted, dusty greens, taupes, and grays are how designers are playing with it (for now—bold hues will be back). Sometimes, you have to show your softer side.

On Mondays, we wear taupe. That would be my rule if I presided over the Mean Girls. It’s a color that doesn’t get its due credit. Like many guys, I was – for many years – vehemently against wearing clothing that sported any shade of pink. (Though some would argue ‘taupe’ doesn’t fall in the pink family.) Thankfully, I got over that unsolicited rule quickly!

This pair of H-1 sneakers is the perfect balance between an incredibly modern design and a spectacular choice of color. Like a dusty rebel in the sneaker world, this pair is made for the urban explorer in all of us. I paired the shoes with a classic chino and vintage-inspired Rolling Stones t-shirt.