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3 Reasons to Love Your Double Monk Strap Shoes

Though mens double monk strap shoes have been around for centuries, they maintain great popularity in Europe to this day. Found in menswear stores across the world, these shoes are considered a highly versatile footwear choice for the stylish and modern gentleman.

What makes double monk strap mens shoes so popular?
The Defining Quality
The first thing you’ll notice about the double monk strap shoe is its lack of lacing. In the place of standard laces is a combination of a dual strap and corresponding buckles to secure your feet. Actually, laces weren’t added to leather shoes until 1790; before that, many shoes did come with buckles and straps.
The double monk strap resembles the classic leather derby shoe, with the upper quarters overlapping the tongue. Of course, a derby shoe is also equipped with laces.

The Material
The only reasonable material for a double monk strap shoe to be made out of is fine Italian leather. Because Italian leather is such high quality, the shoes will actually get better with age as long as they are properly cared for.
Italian leather is a favorite among most fine footwear designers. In 2013, Italy’s footwear exports increased 2.5% in volume and 5.6% in value and reached a total of 220 million pairs valued at 8,073 million euros. The leather industry in general generates more than $53.8 billion worldwide each year; out of that $53.8 billion, nearly 60% represents the sale of leather footwear.

The Style
As mentioned above, the double monk strap is an incredibly versatile shoe. That means it can be worn in virtually any environment.
Formal – They can be worn with a suit. Of course, if you are wearing a black suit, only black shoes will do. For a charcoal or grey suit, brown shoes are ideal. If you are wearing navy blue, complement your suit with a pair of brown, burgundy, or oxblood double monk strap shoes.

Business Casual – One great combination is a navy blue cardigan over a white dress shirt. Throw on a pair of classic chinos and complement the entire outfit with a pair of brown double monk straps. There’s no doubt you will be the best dressed guy in the office.

Casual – If you’re just going out on the town with some friends but still want to stand out, try a black leather jacket and a pair of black double monk straps.


The double monk strap is a great shoe for any occasion, but not just any man can pull off this look. If you are one of those men, then it goes with just about anything and always looks sharp. What do you think? What sort of outfit do you pair with your double monk straps?