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Suits and sneaker the summer look

From day one I have been a proponent of wearing suites with sneaker. When i was designing my first Hydrogen-1 sneakers i wanted them to fit and look good with a suit, this meant like any great suit the sneaker needed to have a great cut, a clean line and must be made with great soft leather. The Metro Man has taken it to the next level by pairing hydrogen-1 off white minimalist leather sneaker with this cranberry colored slim cut suit. Why does it work? well the suit first of is cotton so it lightweight and give it enough of a casual feel, the cut of the suit is slim, the trousers has no break ( cut right at the ankle ) no over hang, and gives the entire look a clean line. So get with the program and get your self a nice slim cut suit and Hydrogen-1 leather sneaker and look and feel cool this summer. 

Hydrogen-1 leather sneaker in off white. Check out other color options for summer.