certain VICTORY

Why hibernate, when you can hydronate

All comfy cozy in a heavy knit and an awesome over-sized coat. Keepin’ it real dark with the entire look today, though nothing’s true black aside from the shoes. Oh, the shoes. A new pair for the seasons, from one of my favorite brands: Hydrogen-1. Why hibernate, when you can hydronate, right? ;) Basing the look off of said pair of black desert boots, with the signature sneaker bottom, I went for a casual, relaxed look that is still very put together. A speckled shirt, layered underneath a heavy, melange cardigan, completed by the aforementioned over-sized twill coat. The pants give the look the right amount of “active-wear” to emphasis the sneaker side of the shoes, being interlock knit pants with a formal cut, yet as comfortable as a pair of joggers. In short: warm and comfy, leaving the color out completely.