certain VICTORY

Layer of Darkness by Onedapperstreet.com

Layers of darkness from top to bottom — let’s start with the bottom: A new pair ofHydrogen-1 shoes!! The brand has reached an iconic status in my life and on my blog, as this is where most of my favorite shoes come from. The impeccable ability of combining classy uppers and sporty bottoms still fascinates me and the brand stays true to its image from collection to collection. You probably just fell in love how I did, so go check out the website and take a look at the new collection – worth every penny!

Moving farther up we have my pants from Forever 21 which cost a solid $19 if I’m not mistaken and look phenomenal, especially if you’re looking for a nice, robust and very slim dress pant. I played with the upper body combination, layering a leather jacket over a cardigan over a turtleneck, hoping to introduce a rock’n’roll element to the otherwise pretty dapper look. I was super happy with how the shoot turned out, Lisa and I are playing a lot more with photography these days to keep it fresh for you guys, so I hope you appreciate it ;)