certain VICTORY

Onedapperstreet.com - Raw Green

“Green is the color of balance, harmony and growth.” And isn’t it just beautiful, especially in such a fantastically constructed blazer. The green tie is actually made from raw silk – that means that it is as smooth as you’d expect from “silk”, as it has some bumps, a characteristic of natural, unprocessed silk. Since both the fabric of the tie and the blazer are pretty “worn out” or “rough”, I thought they went great together, beyond just the matching color. The clean white shirt is a wonderful contrast to that, as a third, more complex fabric may have made it a little too much for the eye of the beholder. Additionally, the white pocket square, as well as the white lapel pin help balance out the white-green interaction. For the pants, I decided to go with a grey tone, and finished the look off with a brown belt and brown double monk straps.

Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog with a Nikon D3x

I’M WEARING: Blazer (Luigi Bianchi Rough) / Shirt (Hugo Boss) / Tie (Hardy Amies) / Pants (Gant Rugger) / Tie Bar(The Tie Bar/ Watch (Triwa) / Pocket Square (Muji) / Shades (Coach) / Oxfords (Hydrogen-1)