certain VICTORY

The ultimate spring look

Introducing two new pieces to my closet: my custom-made Ray-Ban shades and a casual blazer from Shipley & Halmos. Let’s start with the latter: fantastic floral print, over-dyed for a subdued statement and an unfinished cool feel. Talk about making florals work for a man. The fit is absolutely fantastic, real nice and slim on the sleeves, and the fabric allows for enough movement, so that wearing it is an absolute pleasure. I wore my rose-dyed jeans with it to pick up the subtle red tones of the print. The shades in turn go with the jeans: when I designed them, I went for polarized glasses, in a blue to pink gradient, the latter of which now worked with the jeans, while the top color matched the blazer more. The stripes of the sweater make the look as a whole more complex, which was just about enough for me on the beautiful day I wore this ensemble :)

Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog with a Nikon D3x

I’M WEARING: Blazer (Shipley & Halmos) / Sweater (Asos) / Jeans (Armani Exchange) / Bag (Armani Exchange) / Shades (Ray Ban) / Oxfords (Hydrogen-1)