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Slippers and loafers have long been around, but why stop there? In fashion, we love to experiment with new things, and one of those new things that developed in the last couple of years (to my knowledge) is a “laceless” Oxford shoe. I recently got my first pair from Hydrogen-1 and am absolutely digging them. I think leaving out the laces creates a bridge between casual wear and the formality which is initially inherent to an Oxford shoe. The other elements of the shoe complement this “in-between”, with a classy, navy blue suede material, with classic brogueing, contrasted with the bright and comfortable sole of a sneaker. I took it farther and projected it onto the outfit as a whole, pairing bright jeans with a cotton-linen blend blazer over a simple white T-shirt. If you ain’t got a pair yet (, even if you do,) check out the website and take a look at what else Hydrogen-1 has got to offer :)


Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog with a Nikon D3x presented by Hydrogen-1

I’M WEARING: Blazer (L.B.M. 1911) / Shirt (Topman) / Jeans (Asos) / Watch (CT Scuderia) / Shades (John Varvatos)/ Laceless Oxfords (Hydrogen-1)