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TrendStyled.com - Office Wear Boundaries

I have been on a huge shoe kick lately just trying to find that middle road between casual and luxury, but most importantly quality. It's so hard for anyone, man or woman, to find those perfect shoes that boost your confidence but don't completely tear up your feet! I recently introduced to you all a new discovery - Hydrogen-1 Shoes - as my latest obsession that I am continuing to be hooked to as summer fast approaches.  Hydrogen-1 and TRENDSTYLED have partnered up to bring on their latest limited edition Summer  2014 collection that will hopefully encourage mother nature to follow along with some never ending warmth and sun! Hero Nakatani, creator of Hydrogen-1, gave me full range to create a campaign surrounding my new Hydrogen-1 Protactinium kicks and it could not have been easier with such cool shoes... the peak of sun over the weekend may have helped too. These sand colored suede lace-up kicks are so sleek that they only encourage you to push the office-wear boundaries and figure out a way wear them to your nine to five. Pair yours with a great summer suit like this J. Crew Traveler Suit and you'll easily get away with wearing sneakers into work on Monday morning. Just move fast because these, like the rest of the summer collection, is a limited edition collection of shoes that will not be reproduced for later collections!