certain VICTORY

One Dapper Street - Oh so SoHo

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I absolutely love numbers and math and all that stuff. Yes, I’m that guy. Like – nerdy. That’s why I have this immense need to share this game with you because I thought it’s so much fun. Click me to play.

So much for my random thoughts in the morning, and also for what I spent my past hour with instead of writing my blog post – whoops. Today we have a combo with some deep reddish, maroon tones and a blazer that I believe y’all haven’t seen in a while. It’s one of my favorite blazers with one of my favorite pairs of shoes, so don’t hate on this look or I’ll come punch you … just kidding I’ll probably cry. Kidding again. Okay, I’ll go live my life now. (This is how I actually am as a person. So today’s a little about getting to know me. For better or for worse. Ha.)

Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog with a Nikon D3x

I’M WEARING: Blazer (L.B.M. 1911) / Sweatshirt (Handvaerk) / Jeans (Sergio Davila) / Oxfords (Hydrogen-1) / Watch (Triwa) / Bag (Next) / Shades (John Varvatos)