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5 Hot Summer 2016 Sneaker Styles

No matter your style, you will not be able to deny that the summer of 2016 men’s footwear trends are hot. This year it is all about sneakers: high sneakers, low sneakers, leather sneakers, suede sneakers, and more.

Five Hot Summer Sneaker Styles
  1. Low cut sneakers: If you are looking for the perfect pair of comfortable sneakers you can wear with suits, look no further. This men’s fashion trend is permeating offices all over the country as men seek a more comfortable and casual look while still maintaining their professional appearance. Low cut sneakers are a great footwear option for other more laid-back summer looks as well.
  3. High top sneakers: High top sneakers are a trending piece in both men and women’s fashion this season. They often make a bolder statement than low-profile shoes and work well when paired with more simplistic outfits.
  5. Italian leather sneakers: Who doesn’t love some fine Italian leather? It is certainly one material that never goes out of style. In fact, the first leather shoe with shoelaces was invented in 1790. Today, Italy’s footwear exports have reached 220 million pairs valued at 8,073 euros.
  7. Slip on sneakers: Slide ‘em on and kick ‘em off. These shoes are perfect for those leisurely summer days as they combine comfort, convenience, and style. They come in all kinds of cool materials including leather and suede.
  9. Minimalist sneakers: Classic style meets modern comfort. Minimalist sneakers are all about sharp lines, simple patterns, and timeless design. You can’t go wrong with a clean cut pair of kicks.

In a recent survey, 50% of women said that a man’s shoes reflect his personality. What do your shoes say about you?

Are you a suit-and-sneaker kind of guy? You’re driven, hard-working, and always on-the-go. Or maybe you are rocking a pair of high tops: fresh, bold, and intense. If you have a penchant for fine Italian leather or you prefer a more minimalist look, perhaps you are more of a traditionalist, an old-school gentleman with a 21st-century flair.

So, which of these hot summer sneaker styles appeals to you? Feel free to leave a comment below.