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Dress Down Your Suit and Step Your Sneaker Game: 3 Tips for the Perfect Suit and Sneaker Combo

There is a new men’s fashion trend and some would say that its been a long time coming. Finally, men’s footwear has turned a corner, allowing more flexibility and offering an exciting array of options. No longer are male office workers, businessmen, and other professionals bound to their one or two pairs of black or brown loafers and dress shoes. More and more, footwear designers are coming out with trendy minimalist sneakers you can wear with suits.

Three Tips for Wearing Sneakers With a Suit
  1. Select the right style: When it comes to sneakers you can wear with suits, not just any shoe will do. To pull off the sneaker-and-suit look, your footwear must be as tailored as the rest of your outfit. Choose a pair streamlined low cut sneakers to complement the professional style. Italian leather sneakers often work as well. Fine leather can add a touch of class and will usually go with just about anything. In fact, the average consumer is wearing four leather products at any given time, and 60% of the leather industry’s revenue represents the sale of leather footwear.
    2. Know your setting: Keep in mind that this look is not appropriate for every occasion. If you are attending a wedding, job interview, or funeral, you are going to look pretty out of place no matter how classy your sneakers are. But for a more casual occasion, the suit will dress up the sneakers and the sneakers will dress down the suit.
    4. Don’t over-do it: White shoes with white laces are the most suit-friendly sneaker you can find. They are basically foolproof. However, a little color is totally acceptable as long as they don’t clash with your other pieces. If you are wearing colorful sneakers, let them be the focus and tone down your suit and tie combo.

    As many as 50% of surveyed women said that shoes reflect a man’s personality. So what do your shoes say about you? If you are ready to change up your boring old office look, try jumping into a pair of sleek and trendy sneakers.